The Prison Education Program was established in 2017, building on over 10 years of collaboration between the University of Oregon and the Department of Corrections to offer credited classes through the Inside-Out Program. 

We work in an interdisciplinary academic framework, and with a broad range of students, campus organizations, community groups, and national organizations working to improve educational opportunities in prisons. 



Our Team

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Shaul Cohen

Shaul Cohen is the Director of the Prison Education Program. He is a professor of Geography at the UO, with research interests in conflict resolution, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and broad ideas of social theories and place and identity. 

In addition to his work with PEP, Shaul is the Academic Director of the Carnegie-Global Oregon Ethics Initiative, an Inside-Out instructor and member of Inside-Out's Executive Team, and a co-chair of the Peace Studies minor. 

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Katie Dwyer

Katie Dwyer is the Coordinator for the Prison Education Program. She is an instructor at the UO and at Chemeketa Community College, where she teaches Communication. Her interests are in engaged pedagogy, intercultural communication, and human rights. 

In addition to her work with the PEP, Katie is the Coordinator for the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights and the Director of Another Look. 

Program Interns

Interns assist in class and workshop facilitation, administrative support, innovating new projects, and taking care of a myriad of other necessary roles. Interns have been trained by the Prison Education Program, and most are also trained DOC volunteers and have completed the national Inside-Out training. 


Emily Kalbrosky

Jordan Pickrel Prison Education Program

Jordan Pickrel


Julie Williams-reyes


Bianca Pak


Another chance at education (ace) 

This OSP Education Group has been meeting regularly since 2010. In that time, the group has conducted instructor trainings, has co-authored academic writing, has invited visitors from a variety of academic and community groups, and has supported multiple educational efforts at the Oregon State Penitentiary and elsewhere in Oregon. 

ACE in Winter 2012

ACE in Winter 2012