Academic Workshops 

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Academic workshops are provided by UO faculty and PEP interns, and are designed both for students already participating in college-level courses as well as for a broader range of incarcerated individuals. 

Feedback about these workshops has been overwhelmingly positive, both from the participants and from various staff at the institutions. This is a chance for people to broaden their skills and to engage with educational programing. We have heard from several people that they had previously felt that they weren't "smart" or "college material," and that these have encouraged them to engage further. 

People who are incarcerated in Oregon do not have internet access. This means that there are very few avenues for people to pursue information or gain new perspectives. Workshops allow a chance for people to ask questions and engage with new viewpoints. 

If you are a faculty member and you are interested in helping with future academic workshops, please fill out this faculty interest form